Owner with dogA missing pet scare is something no pet owner wants to face. Yet, each year more than 10 million pets go missing or are stolen. Microchipping, or permanent identification, is the single best way to ensure a safe return for your pet.

Long-Lasting Peace of Mind

A microchip is a tiny transponder, no larger than a grain of rice, which is implanted between the shoulder blades (and does not require anesthesia). On this chip is a unique number assigned to your pet, which is stored in a universal registry database. When a pet is found, a scanner is used to check for this chip, access his or her information, and contact the owner.

Unlike an ID tag that can fall off or be removed, a microchip is designed to last a lifetime. Microchipping is especially important if you plan on traveling with your pet or if you have a pet who is prone to escape.

Because of its benefits in helping reunite pets with owners, we highly recommend microchipping your pet as well as keeping identification tags current.

Have You Found a Lost Pet?

The team at Animal Medical Center is here to help with our onsite microchip scanner. Simply call us and let us know the situation for additional instructions and to make arrangements to bring the lost pet in.