When a pet requires surgery it can feel a little intimidating. You likely have many questions and concerns and want to ensure the best care for your companion. At Animal Medical Center we want to assure you every step of the way, including helping you care for your best friend after he or she returns home.

Our board-certified veterinary surgeons perform general surgeries and complex orthopedic procedures in our state-of-the-art facility and with the aid of trained technicians and the best monitoring equipment in veterinary medicine.

Preanesthesia Screening and Surgical Monitoring

All pets receive a complete examination and bloodwork to ensure readiness for their procedure. Along with these safety measures, a trained technician monitors your pet closely throughout surgery for heart rate, respiratory rate, EKG, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and body temperature.

All of our cherished patients are also monitored by their surgeon and a dedicated technician during the recovery phase, making certain they are ready to safely return home.

veterinary surgeryFAQ: Preparing for Your Pet’s Surgery

Information for clients scheduling patients for surgery:

  • Patients are to begin a fast the evening prior to the surgery. Water in moderation is recommended.
  • Surgery patients are kept in the surgery wing before and after surgery.
  • A surgical technician and/or surgery assistant is in the area at all times.
  • Dental procedures are done by trained dental technicians under the supervision of the doctor.

Commonly asked questions from pet owners:

How long will my pet need to stay?

Dental procedure patients typically go home that day, when they are up and alert. Spay or neuter patients usually spend the night, as well as those who have orthopedic surgeries, and then will be evaluated in the morning prior to going home.

Other minor procedures usually allow the patient to go home the same day, unless it was done late in the day and the doctor feels the patient should stay overnight.

If my pet stays overnight is there someone there to monitor him?

No, we do not have staffing overnight. If the patient is in need of 24-hour observation we will recommend transferring the patient to a 24-hour facility.

Will someone call after the procedure?

Yes, either the doctor or surgical technician will call when the patient is in recovery to let the owner know how the procedure went and set up a discharge appointment.

How can I keep my pet quiet at home?

If needed, the doctor can send home a prescription for a mild sedative to help keep the patient calm and quiet at home.

What if I have questions when I get home?

Owners can call anytime. We will be happy to answer any questions.