Wellness care is the foundation for the overall health of your pet. Wellness care is critical in the early detection and successful treatment of health problems that oftentimes progress with age.

Also known as preventive care, wellness care encompasses vaccinations and parasite prevention, nutrition, behavior, weight management, physical examinations, routine lab work, and the many services that contribute to complete wellness and longevity.

Girl with kittens.Puppy and Kitten Care

Beginning with puppy/kitten care, preventive care starts your pet off with important vaccines, deworming, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery at the appropriate age. Since many young pets are prone to behavioral challenges, your wellness appointment is a good place to discuss these issues with us.

Adult Wellness

Keeping your pet healthy requires annual veterinary care. Adult wellness includes annual vaccinations, parasite control, screenings, and diagnostic services as needed. Your pet’s appointment is also where we encourage you to ask questions and get daily care recommendations.

Senior Pet Care

As your pet ages, certain health complications can begin to arise. Pet dental disease, arthritis, and weight management are common health problems that can impact your elderly pet’s quality of life. Our senior pet wellness examinations include monitoring your pet’s health through comprehensive diagnostics and effective treatment options, which often include pet pain management and nutritional support.

End-of-Life Care

There comes a time with all beloved pets when a tough decision must be made. We are here to assist you in this time of grief with compassionate end-of-life care, gentle euthanasia, and a comforting, supportive place to honor a bond that can never be broken.